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At La Femme Spa, we know what women want and what women need. We pride ourselves in providing the latest and our most innovative Beauty and Body Enhancement treatments to leave you looking and feeling prettier than ever. We are the experts in the following beauty treatments: Vagacials / Pretty Kitty, Booty Facials, Butt Cupping / Booty Lifting, Face & Body Wax, Bikini & Brazilian Waxing, Skin Bleaching, and Dermaplaning.

Vagacial includes removing all of the hair from the mound, labia, bikini line, and butt.

The benefits are
✔️ Freedom when wearing a swimsuit
✔️ Enjoy intimate activities more, less sweat
✔️ Feel cleaner and smell fresher
✔️ Less bumps and irritation after shaving
✔️ Soft and smooth skin after hair is removed

Booty facial

Keep your booty soft with our world famous booty facials! 🍑✨

✔️ Great for
✔️ Exfoliation
✔️ Getting rid of uneven skin tones
✔️ Self care
✔️ Have you had yours?

BUtt cupping

Butt cupping therapy

What are the benefits of vacuum therapy?
✔️ It Stimulates muscles while reshaping the treatment site.
✔️ Breaks down cellulite and fatty deposits
✔️ Massages the treatment site and promotes lymphatic drainage. (With lymphatic drainage being stimulated, the body gets rid of waste and toxins.)
✔️ It's also not as technical as surgery, so its way safer, less painful and has no long healing periods or downtime.

Skin Bleaching


✔️Minimizes dark spots⁣
✔️Reduces the appearance of acne scars⁣
✔️Evens out skin tone⁣⁣


✔️Under arms
⁣✔️Full Brazilian